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Your Wildlife Enterprise

Congratulations on your decision to explore developing a wildlife enterprise. While embarking on a new venture is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. But do not let this seemingly daunting task discourage you. Remember, every successful enterprise started somewhere.  

Now we are down to the brass tacks!  Completing this section of the module will help you determine whether “a wildlife enterprise is for you.”  Your business plan is the culmination of the building blocks presented in this module, including your natural resource inventory, wildlife habitat plan, and legal aspects.

Before proceeding further,

  • Are your current land uses compatible with a wildlife enterprise?
  • Does the current use of your land’s natural resources for farming, forest management, or livestock grazing lend itself to being used for other purposes? 
  • Are these other uses compatible with recreational use by paying clients without conflicts or do they compromises the integrity of your major income-producing operation?  For example, if your major use of the property is a row [Photo:  Labor - William Martin,]crop farm, can you tolerate a hunting operation during your planting or harvest season without having a conflict in time and resource management?
  • Is your labor force (e.g., family or existing employees) sufficient to handle additional work?
  • Will the new enterprise complement normal down times in the workload?  For example, will someone be available to guide or direct clients to hunting places or provide lodging and food for them, if needed, during the hunting season, or is that a busy time or vacation time for you, your family, and employees?

If your land and lifestyle is compatible with a wildlife enterprise, you are ready to complete a resource inventory.

Learning Objectives for this module:

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • prepare a resource inventory that describes natural resources, equipment and building, labor, and financial considerations for starting your enterprise,
  • understand affordable and effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers,
  • develop a business plan that will help you decide whether to start a wildlife enterprise.
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