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timber sales and contracts

Contract basics

Sample contract

Now that you know the basics about why contracts are important as well as how and why they should be used, lets take a look at some specific items that are within contracts.

Disclaimer: The information presented below is not a legal document and should not be used as such by any prospective parties to a timber sale agreement. Each such agreement is unique and depends on the actual situation of the parties involved. The sample contract presented here is intended only to provide educational information on the general nature of the language that may be included in some timber sale contracts. In every case, anyone desiring to enter into a timber sale contract should consult an attorney in order to obtain an originally drafted contract that is written to accomplish the specific purposes intended in a particular situation. Interested parties should not use the sample contract for their own purposes. The University of Tennessee does not present the sample contract as legal advice. Nor does it represent that this sample contract is in conformity with the law governing timber sale agreements.


The items listed in the following sample timber sale contract should be considered by the seller in negotiating the terms of the contract. The first group of Essential Items should be included in all timber sale contracts.

The second group labeled Other Important Considerations may be essential depending on individual circumstances. The items in the Special Provisions section may be applicable to certain specific conditions. Statutes in Tennessee with relevance to timber sale contracts are discussed at the end of the contract.

Please open the sample contract below and print it out so that you can have it available while we review each of the sections.

Download sample contract: (PDF)

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