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Pine Species

The South is rich with a variety of pine species. Each species is diverse in its growth, development, and eventual product, while sharing some very basic commonalities. Most all pines are shade-intolerant, and require full sunlight in order to grow. They are a “pioneer” species, that regenerates naturally on disturbed sites where fire has occurred or old croplands have been abandoned.

Compared to hardwoods, pines

  • have higher survival and growth rates on marginal lands;

  • can tolerate low-nutrient, shallow soils and;

  • can survive fluctuating weather and drought better.

white pine stand

There are ten species of pine that are native to the southern U.S.

Eastern white pine
Loblolly pine
Longleaf pine
Pitch pine
Pond pine
Sand pine
Shortleaf pine
Slash pine
Table mountain pine
Virginia pine

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