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Welcome.  What does your forest mean to you and your family? …a place to relax, income, a place to retire, recreation, a sense of connection to your family’s past….What do you want from your forest in the future? This website was made to help you as a forest landowner think about your forest resources and aid you in the process of decision-making about you and your family’s forest resources. The Story of the Forest is an interactive video where you will actively participate in an interactive lesson and a play about one family’s story. At the end you will be asked to help choose an ending for the play to complete the lesson. At the end of this lesson you will have a place to start for making a plan for your forest resources. I will be your guide through the “Story of the Forest” to help you and your family think about some important decisions you may have to make about your forest resources. To move through the lesson just follow me, the forest elf.


Getting Help in
Making Decisions
About Forest Property

Shopping in the Woods…
What Is Your Timber Worth

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