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An Introduction to Forest Farming

Welcome to the How, When and Why of Forest Farming.

This on-line Unit will introduce you to principles and practices of forest farming through a series of six units. Each unit is comprised of text and images, video clips, self assessment exercises (quizzes), text files (PDF) and links to other on-line information sources.

If you are using the Unit independently of an organized class you will find instructions for directing yourself through the content and activities that are contained in each unit. If you are interacting with the Unit as part of an organized class, then your instructor will help facilitate your use of the Unit. Your instructor will probably encourage you to participate in on-line discussions and possibly in simultaneous chats with other users.

Learning Objectives for this on-line course:

  • By the end of this on-line course you should:
  • Be familair with concepts and practices of forest farming
  • Understand why and how you can benefit from forest farming
  • Be able to conduct a variety of forest farming activites
Unit 1
Unit 2
Site Design
Unit 3
Ginseng and Goldenseal
Unit 4
Unit 5
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